Tuesday, June 9, 2009

make use of scraps and off cuts

I have notice a lot of people being inspired by Bob Simmons and making mini versions of his concepts. I would love one but don't have the cash. So made my own interpretation The mini mini micro Simmons hand plane. I found some EPS around the workshop and some small off cuts of kingbilly veneer left over from my surfboard. The hand board worked well in some small waves in tassie so am very happy. Oh and thanks to those people responsible for digging up Bob's designs.

make things from timber veneer

An industry ruled by man made chemicals i had to do something and use timber. The internal veneer is plantation hoop pine the exterior is king billy pine. The board is made with the least amount of timber possible with only one internal rib or stringer. The board is designed by Greg Webber Construction method by me based on cold moulding techniques used in boats.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Use waterbased coatings

I have now stopped using Lacquers that have nasty vocs that continue to off gas for a long long time. I generally use natural or bio oil and wax on solid furniture. But when commercial finishes are asked for there realy has not been any other option but acid catalised laquers or poly 2 pacs which are no good for the sprayer or the people using the furniture. For this product i liked the statment on the back "If swallowed do not induce vomiting - give glass of water." All in all i dont know the total ins and outs of this product it my not be the best but it is a whole lot better for people and the environment than what i was using before. Plus it has nice fern trees on the side of the label got to be green?!??!? If you are in canberra contact Turners building supplys for more info. I will also do some sample panels for those of you interested in how it looks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

get in touch with the land

North East Coast of Tasmania were i found my self connected with the environment and a small group of people. For most our eyes and minds have been opened to thoughts and ideas of how we can make small steps, waves or ripplets to make a change.